Diet Plan

How to delete food?

To delete/edit logged food from the day - use the swipe gesture. To delete created food - find it in Add food > My food > use swipe gesture then delete.

Does the app include a diet plan?

Yes! When you join GanbaruMethod we ask for a few details about your goal and measurements. The GanbaruMethod app then calculates your calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates to ...

How do I reset my diet plan?

In the app press the diet plan icon on the bottom menu bar. Top left corner, press "Your Goal" You will see a menu pop up with 2 options. 1. Edit calories/macros This lets you ...

How do I switch my preference e.g. Balanced, High Carb etc?

From the nutrition planner screen, click the top left goal. Here, you can change your plan preference.

Do you have vegetarian/vegan diets?

The app will create a calorie and macro plan based on your goals. There is a food planner/diary for you to choose from foods to hit those goals. We have over 250k foods in the data ...

Is there a nutrition planner

Yes we have a nutrition planner with over 250k thoasand foods for you to choose from.  You can log food in the app and track your macros

How to change macro goals on app?

From the "Diet screen" -> click on “Your Goal” -> edit macros or the whole plan.

steps to delete your logged food or added food.

Please follow the below steps to delete your logged food or added food. 1. To delete/edit logged food from day - use the swipe gesture on this item 2. To delete created food - fi ...