App Questions

Do you have community forum?

We have a private FB group for all members and will look to develop our app-based community later this year

How to add daily habits/actionable goals in my app?

During checkin you can add daily habits and goals

How To Turn Off Rest Time

You can turn on or off rest timer from your account.Open my account screen on your device by tapping on the user icon from the dashboard.Then open preferences from tab and turn on ...

How can I change my workout?

Go to the workout screen (Workouts icon) and scroll to the bottom. Click "View All Programs" and you can choose any workout you want.

Steps Tracking

When you install the app and login into your account it will ask you to track your steps. If you have denied it and want to re-enable it, uninstall the app and install it again.

Why can't I view the videos in my browser?

The workout programs were built specifically for the app so that you can take your phones to the gym and log workouts to see progress.

Can I view the extended content library on the web?

No. Sorry there is an archive section on the website but has limited content vs the app The app has all of the most up to date information.

Where can I see my workout progress or history?

Go to the workout screen (Workouts icon) At the top right, where it has your Current Program. Press the Green calendar icon. This will open up the Calendar with a list of all yo ...

Where can I find the cardio I logged in?

Open workouts screen -> click on calendar icon -> select date to view logged cardio  

Is the exercise library accessible on computer?

The exercise library is only available on the app, not on the website. GanbaruMethod app has been created to give you access to workouts and exercises on the go, when you need the ...

Can I download the workout videos?

The videos are not available to download in the app. This may be something we look to add in the future. But you can stream any of the videos over wifi.

Can I freeze or hold my account?

We do not have the ability to freeze or hold your account.